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The five excellent tracks in this latest post range from ferocious garage to soulful RnB via a bit of mellow folk, but which will be your favourites?

Dietrich Jon – Her
Describing themselves as playing “Symphonic Folkpop”, this is an excellent and lively track from Bloomington, Indiana band Dietrich Jon.


Saskwatch – Born to Break Your Heart
Saskwatch are a 9-piece soulful RnB band from Melbourne, Australia, who previously appeared in Emerging #22, and this is another wonderfully enjoyable track which highlights their great horn and rhythm sections, plus the sweet vocals of Nkechi Anele. I can also vouch that they’re superb live too!
Website | Soundcloud


Mourning Birds – Eve of the Isle
They first appeared last November in Emerging #25 and if you like a bit of garage inspired punk rock then you should love this upcoming second single from Kent band Mourning Birds.


Charlie Cooper – Needs Must
Combining an excellent 60’s soul and jazz sound, along with terrific vocals, this is a great track from Manchester based singer Charlie Cooper.
Website | Soundcloud


Chris King & HR – Salt of the Earth
Following on from the outstanding track “True” which was in Emerging #23 and my Best of 2013 show, this is another gem from the Welsh singer-songwriter Chris King.

3 thoughts on “Emerging #27

  1. thezineuk says:

    LOVE Mourning Birds

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