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Just because it’s August doesn’t mean there isn’t any great new music out there, and the proof is hopefully in this posting, which brings you a bit of pop, our regular dose of indie, a slice of Americana, and a sublime ballad. I think all four are wonderful, but which will be your favourite?


John Wean – For the Girl
I doubt that Scottish band John Wean’s greatest claim to fame is that they appeared in our very first Emerging post last year, however their latest release is another great piece of indie and rightly sees them included again.


Chris King & Hotel Radio – True
Smokey vocals and a wonderful melody add up to quite a superb track from this Americana influenced singer-songwriter from South Wales.


Winter of 82 – Bless This House
This is an impressive piece of guitar pop from Winter of ’82, who hail from Shakespeare’s country, i.e. Warwickshire.


Tom Hickox – White Roses Red
North London singer-songwriter and pianist Tom Hickox is another talented artist who also appeared here last year and this latest release from him continues his trend for quality ballads with unique and mighty fine vocals.

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