Alternative Friday

helping to spread the word about impressive new & under the radar musicians

Sometimes the new music we love doesn’t always get the exposure it deserves, so…

Welcome to Alternative Friday, which brings you a hand-picked selection of impressive new, emerging, & under the radar musicians, and which covers an eclectic array of genres from around the world.

Got Spotify? Check the Evolving Tunes playlist,
Read a Q&A with bands and solo artists,
Explore a collection of new music in the SoundCloud Mixtapes,
and for a few Emerging artists we dig a little deeper.

Alternative Friday is only half the story, as I also:
moderate and contribute at Tom Robinson’s Fresh on the Net
and am a pair of eyes & ears for End of the Trail Creative

Aside from Spotify, I can also be found sharing more new artists on on Twitter and SoundCloud.




Wot others say…

“Keep up the stellar work – you have no idea how much of a boost it is as an independent artist without any sort of PR backing to have somebody who will willingly listen to and promote new music without any ulterior motive”. Jamie Hamilton

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Zach Grant says:

    Hey, just wondering what your rates are for promos, spotlights, or what kind of packages you offer. My band released our debut album earlier this year on Standby Records and are working to put it out into the world. Can’t wait to hear from you. Thanks!

    1. bigjimcambo says:

      Hi Zach – sorry, there are no packages or promoted articles, I just include music I’m enjoying. Your best bet is to upload a soundcloud track (public, & not limited to Go accounts) to the Fresh on the Net inbox when we return in September… – Thanks

  2. Valis says:

    Hi, how can I contact you to send you a press release? I’m currently working with an emerging artist that you might be interested in! Thanks!

    1. bigjimcambo says:

      Apologies, the Contact page is having a brief holiday, but it only redirects musicians to the Fresh on the Net inbox (open Mon-Wed):

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