Alternative Friday

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As always, music from new and under the radar artists has continued to impress in 2022, and so here’s a ‘best of the best’ selection from the 1000s of tracks I’ve heard across the past 12 months. It’s an eclectic array too, ranging from alt rock and infectious indie, to psychedelic funk, bluesy jazz, sublime pop, and more. Enjoy!!

bigjimcambo · The Alternative Friday Best of 2022 Mixtape

Hallan – Sich Übergeben
Lostboy – Maple
Talman (feat. Petravita) – On Dreams
Lissy Taylor – Fierce
The Lanes – Classless
BALTHVS – Turkish Coffee
Geraint Rhys – Hold On
The Islas – Keep Me In Mind
Jackson Mathod – Come On Now
Dictator – Rubik’s Cube
The Clockworks – Endgame
Yes We Mystic – Long Dream
The Assist – Numb
Minerva Daisy – Something Strange
The Pleasure Dome – If Meaning
Sunnbrella – Fever Dream
Royel Otis – Kool Aid
L.O.E – People Like People Like Them
Thus Love – In Tandem
Springfield – There Must Be Something More

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