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For a hand-picked and evolving mixtape of impressive music from new, emerging, and under the radar artists, do head to this Spotify playlist. It’s always an eclectic selection too, covering not just alternative flavours, but electronica, punk, soul, Latin, psychedelia, jazz, art-pop, and more besides. So come & explore… and then come back again when it has evolved!

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As always, music from new and under the radar artists has continued to impress in 2022, and so here’s a ‘best of the best’ selection from the 1000s of tracks I’ve heard across the past 12 months. It’s an eclectic array too, ranging from alt rock and infectious indie, to psychedelic funk, bluesy jazz, sublime pop, and more. Enjoy!!

bigjimcambo · The Alternative Friday Best of 2022 Mixtape

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The Evolving Tunes playlist has done exactly that again this year, so as it draws to a close here’s an eclectic playlist with 25 of the best tracks to have appeared since January. It contains a wide array of genres, so dive in, enjoy, and keep an eye on the main Spotify playlist during 2023 for more exceptional new, emerging, and under the radar musicians.



From 2020’s It’s Cool to this year’s Fever Dream, I’ve loved the warm & contagious “beat-driven melancholy” made by Prague born, and now London based artist and producer David Zbirka, aka Sunnbrella. It’s more than just me tuning in too, as the 30k streams a month on Spotify shows he’s gaining fans everywhere. He has just released his latest track, A Week Or So, and to accompany it, he’s dared to face a Q&A grilling. So read on to find out more about the artist himself, his music creation and production, and whether he can moonwalk.
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Ahead of the release of their second album It’s Not Comfortable To Grow, on Sep 30th, the stunning Isle of Wight band Plastic Mermaids have released Elastic Time, a poignant track which highlights how atmospheric their artistic and avant-garde brand of electronic music is.

Having seen them perform numerous times, I can also vouch that their live shows are mesmerising, so grab your skateboard, check this new track & video, their excellent debut album Suddenly Everyone Explodes, and then make a date to hear the follow up and to see them live! You can also read a little more about them in this Emerging article. 

I love the loose elastic time
Once we’ve dismissed the datum lines
Your brain’s not dead, it’s just set free
We’ll take this ride religiously, every night…


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There’s a fabulous array of genres on display in this latest mixtape, from art-pop and cinematic rock to RnB & jazz-funk, via the usual sprinkling of indie & alternative. All come from impressive emerging and under-the-radar artists, so dig in, explore, and I hope you find a few new gems for your ears…

bigjimcambo · The Alternative Friday Mixtape 22 – #5

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The Fresh on the Net ‘school year’ has come to an end, and we’re now on our summer break, but we’ve had an incredible array of impressive music uploaded to us over the past 11 months, and so from those thousands of tracks I’ve compiled another School’s Out playlist with 10 of my favourites.

The long list was exactly that, so it wasn’t easy to whittle it down to these ten tracks, which also highlight the range of genres that are uploaded to us on a weekly basis. So, dig in and enjoy a range of sounds, from indie-rock to dream-pop, jazz-electronica to alternative-folk, and more. Enjoy…

bigjimcambo · My FOTN 21/22

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The final Mixtape before the summer break, both here and at Fresh on the Net, allows us to wander through another eclectic array of wonderful songs from new and emerging talent. In this selection we take in some alternative & indie, RnB & soul, jazz & blues, cinematic post-rock, and more. I love ’em all, so I hope you do too. Enjoy…

bigjimcambo · The Alternative Friday Mixtape 22 – #4

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Taking their name from the 1980’s film The Lost Boys, this Sheffield 4-piece are comprised of Max Clutterbuck (singer/songwriter), Jack Berry (lead guitar), Henry Robinson (bass) and Ethan Reeves (drums). The band first appeared in my Evolving Spotify playlist in July last year with the song Charlie, which was taken from their debut EP Bad News, and their 5-track follow up, Love Among Angry People, has just been released, which is crammed full of fabulously infectious indie tunes. So read on, as we chat to the band’s founder & songwriter Max Clutterbuck about the EP, being annoying, Freddie Mercury’s driving, and doing the splits!

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