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The Fresh on the Net ‘school year’ has come to an end, and we’re now on our summer break, but we’ve had an incredible array of impressive music uploaded to us over the past 11 months, and so from those thousands of tracks I’ve compiled another School’s Out playlist with 10 of my favourites.

The long list was exactly that, so it wasn’t easy to whittle it down to these ten tracks, which also highlight the range of genres that are uploaded to us on a weekly basis. So, dig in and enjoy a range of sounds, from indie-rock to dream-pop, jazz-electronica to alternative-folk, and more. Enjoy…

bigjimcambo · My FOTN 21/22

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The final Mixtape before the summer break, both here and at Fresh on the Net, allows us to wander through another eclectic array of wonderful songs from new and emerging talent. In this selection we take in some alternative & indie, RnB & soul, jazz & blues, cinematic post-rock, and more. I love ’em all, so I hope you do too. Enjoy…

bigjimcambo · The Alternative Friday Mixtape 22 – #4

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Taking their name from the 1980’s film The Lost Boys, this Sheffield 4-piece are comprised of Max Clutterbuck (singer/songwriter), Jack Berry (lead guitar), Henry Robinson (bass) and Ethan Reeves (drums). The band first appeared in my Evolving Spotify playlist in July last year with the song Charlie, which was taken from their debut EP Bad News, and their 5-track follow up, Love Among Angry People, has just been released, which is crammed full of fabulously infectious indie tunes. So read on, as we chat to the band’s founder & songwriter Max Clutterbuck about the EP, being annoying, Freddie Mercury’s driving, and doing the splits!

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I made a suit out of sandpaper, & walked through a carwash…

One of Enjoyable Listens’ taglines is “music to recede the hairline”, but I’d add “music to make you smile” too.  This duo, fronted by Luke Duffett (above), have been making music and playing live for a few years now, but first came to my attention in 2020, with the releases of the tracks That’s Where My Shoes Were and The Key Of Innocence, which highlighted his impressive baritone vocal & baroque pop style, which combine perfectly with his fabulously witty lyrics. Continue reading

Alex Lipinski is a singer & songwriter from the Bristol area. Blending a warm alternative Americana style, he has made a couple of albums to date, but released this rousing & anthemic track late last year, and which comes ahead of his new album For Everything Under The Sun, due for release on May 6th. It has already appeared in the latest Mixtape, but also gets this Showreel post as the video, recorded & edited by Tony Hobden, beautifully mixes modern footage of Alex performing the track, along with some wonderfully edited vintage black & white video clips.

And if you want to catch him live, he’s not only playing, but also co-curating the Lost Causes festival on Feb 26th in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire.

Is this what you want?
Is this what you need?
Are you getting enough 
Of anything…


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As last year came to a close and the new year dawned, there was no let up in the quality of new music being released by new and under-the-radar artists. So here’s the first Mixtape of 2022, (incidentally, the Best of 2021 is right here) which is another eclectic affair, taking us from alt rock to afrobeat, and indie pop to hip-hop, plus an orchestral delight and more. Enjoy…

bigjimcambo · The Alternative Friday Mixtape 22 – #1

The Vegan Leather – She Don’t (F.T.S)
Reallyhealey – Big Sister
Talman – On Dreams – Feat. Petravita
Sister Ghost – Cut Like A Thorn
Alex Lipinski – Groundhog
Badbelly – Grand
Big Softy – Supercomputer
Youth Sector – Self Exile
Three Underneath – Faded
Shay Hazan – Afrobeatz

The Evolving Tunes playlist has been true to form again in 2021, so as the year draws to a close here’s an eclectic playlist with 25 of the best tracks to have appeared since January. It contains an array of genres, so dive in, enjoy, and keep an eye on the main Spotify playlist during 2022 for more impressive new, emerging, and under the radar musicians.


Life hasn’t exactly returned to normal in 2021, but the quality of releases from new and emerging artists has remained as strong as ever. The regular mixtapes are in themselves a mini ‘best of’, given the 1000s of tracks I hear as a Fresh on the Net moderator, as well as on my other musical travels, but here is my end of year ‘best of the best’ selection.

It’s an eclectic array of highly impressive sounds too, ranging from dark alt rock to infectious indie, some poetic pop, space & dance electronica, country folk, smoky jazz, soulful RnB, and more. Enjoy!!

bigjimcambo · The Alternative Friday Best of 2021 Mixtape

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