Alternative Friday

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Ahead of the release of their second album It’s Not Comfortable To Grow, on Sep 30th, the stunning Isle of Wight band Plastic Mermaids have released Elastic Time, a poignant track which highlights how atmospheric their artistic and avant-garde brand of electronic music is. Having seen them perform numerous times, I can also vouch that their …

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The exceptional standard of new and emerging musicians never surprises me, and I’m confident that 2019 has been another great year for new music. So as it draws to a close we reveal our annual Alternative Friday Awards… so who are the winners?

Plastic Mermaids are a 5-piece experimental & indie synthpop band from the Isle of Wight, comprising of brothers Jamie and Douglas Richards (vocals, synths & samples), Chris Newnham (guitar), Tom Farren (bass), and Chris Jones (drums). They’ve already released a few EPs but their first full LP, the self-produced Suddenly Everyone Explodes, is released on …

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