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I could have posted this months ago, such has been the impact of this five-piece band from the Isle of Wight on my ears this year. I decided to wait until I’d seen them though, as I was intrigued to see if their live performance could match the stunning array of sounds on their debut album – Suddenly Everyone Explodes. I’ve now had that experience as I caught the final date of their recent UK tour in London, when five became fifteen, with brass, strings, & choral support. And wow, just WOW!!



Trying to define their genre and sound is virtually impossible, as it’s a sonic cocktail that includes experimental electronica, indie folk, anthemic rock, cosmic jazz, art pop, and more, but if you listen to the distorted shoegaze brilliance of I Still Like Kelis above (& see the video here), and the slow-building epic that is the stunning and emotional Yoyo below, you’ll get a good flavour. The album was actually recorded in a barn, and self produced too, which given the detailed and intricate nature of the music and vocals is hugely impressive.



For an album as rich as it is, and (I’d suggest) achieving more in pushing musical boundaries than some of the Mercury Prize nominees, an Emerging article is more than overdue. I’m glad I waited until I’d seen them perform live though, as the colourful experience has only added to my thoughts on the band and their potential. Plastic Mermaids are ones to watch, so do listen to the album, and I can’t recommend seeing them live highly enough!

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