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Liverpool band The Cheap Thrills have made a large and enjoyable impression on me in the past couple of years, from their first appearance here in the Feb 17 mixtape, as well as to appear in my last two Fresh on the Net School’s Out (best of) lists. It has also led to me seeing them live more than once! Their indie, synth, rock, & pop affair has resulted in some infectious and singalong tunes, and they’ve now packaged them superbly in their new 6-track Vue Du Monde EP.

From the rock led opener Codependence to the dance-floor filling Smile When You Sleep, plus the more mellow closing track Keep Me In Check, you can’t fail to be drawn to the rousing guitars and floor filling partnership of percussion and synths. The mix of personal and observational lyrics, as well as top notch vocals, also means you’re singing as much as foot tapping or dancing, and all this is topped with polished production too. At twenty minutes, the six songs don’t hang around more than is needed, and all together it’s a wonderfully energetic and hook laden feast of tunes.

You can find out more about the band in a Q & A I did with them earlier this year.


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