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Liverpool 4-piece The Cheap Thrills are made up of (left to right above) Callum Fitzpatrick (bass), Anton Eager (drums), Lewis Pike (guitar & vocals), & Terry Eaves (keys & guitar). They’ve already appeared here numerous times given my love of their catchy blend of indie, psych, & synth sounds, mixed with witty wordplay and sing-along choruses, and I can vouch that their live sets are excellent too. They’re touring the UK this month, but here they face a Q&A, so read on to find out more about the band, their latest track, Saint or Sinner, and what happens after a Coronation Street Omnibus marathon!

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~ How did you all meet, and what’s the background to the band?
We all went to school on Walton Vale in Liverpool. As bored teenagers we spent a few years farting about in Anton’s tiny drum room at his. Fast forward about 8 years and we have our own studio by ours that we are trying to churn out hits.

~ New track ‘Saint or Sinner’ is an outstanding mix of dance floor rhythms, synths, and indie rock. There’s also quite a liquid sermon in the video, so what’s the story?

Yeah, the track is probably the danciest single we’ve had, it’s been written for quite a while now and it was fun to create a video for it. The song is actually about how alcohol affects a person and how it can cause split personas. We chose a priest to be the main character as there is quite a lot of religious imagery in the lyrics, and a priest is not really meant to be dependent on drugs and booze. None of us are that religious really and we thought it would be quite funny. Our nans were throwing holy water on us after we showed them the video though! Liam Powell Berry (the actor) was great, and pulled off the character exactly how we wanted.

~ What’s your usual song-writing process?
There’s a few ways songs come together to be honest, there’s no set way. Lewi is essential in all of these processes though, he’s always writing lyrics / poetry down onto his phone. From there he will try to put them into some sort of skeleton on his acoustic guitar, and then bring them to the band where we will add melodies, instrument parts, and arrange the song. Sometimes Lewi will make these mad GarageBand recording where he is literally using iPhone headphones as a microphone, they always sound like hip hop/RnB tunes, but they’re a great place to start.

If you heard these GarageBand demos compared to final mastered tracks on Spotify you’d be shocked how much the song changes and develops a life of its own. We’ve also had a few songs though where the guitar parts / synth parts have come first, and Lewi has mashed up a load of lyrics from other tunes into some Frankenstein like creature!

~ What are your plans for 2019? Is there an EP or album on its way?
Definitely more singles. We are aiming to get as much music released as possible. We took time out over the summer to write 12 songs, so we’ve definitely got an albums worth of music ready to go I don’t know what format they’ll be released in yet though. What I will say is we don’t want to release an album without any serious backing behind us, so until then it’s singles and EPs baby!

~ If you could borrow a well-known musician from another band for a day who would it be and why?
I’d say Kevin Parker – he’s such a talented fella he’s a one man band. He could probably teach us all a thing all two about our instruments and then tell us some sweet production secrets.



~ Liverpool is renowned for its music, so what’s it like at the moment, and can you mention a few other new bands local to you that you recommend we check out?
Liverpool is thriving right now, I’ve never known of this many really good bands in the city at one time. It keeps everyone on top form though, and everyone supports each other which is boss. I think that’s one thing that’s changing in the city. Do check these:

The Night Café
Red Rum Club
Life At The Arcade
The Jjohns

~ If you were invited to curate a festival stage, what bands/artists would you invite to perform?
We’d deffo have Tame Impala, Stevie Wonder, Mac De Marco , Car Seat Headrest, Dr Dre, & Haim.

~ You’re gigging in various part of the UK this month, so if you could get any famous person to drive the tour bus, who would it be?
Ronnie Pickering (or Prince Philip) if he wasn’t on the run!

~ What’s the least ‘rock musician’ thing any of you have done in the past week?
Terry got a shirt steamed, Fitzy went to a trampoline park, Anton had to get his car towed, and Lewi has had a good few soapy showers after a Coronation Street Omnibus marathon.



~ Who are your musical Guilty Pleasures? Don’t panic, no one will read this bit!
We are proud and not guilty about these:
Spice Girls
Atomic Kitten
Sophie Ellis Baxter
Dolly Parton
Kenny Rogers

~ Aside from music, do any of you have any other creative skills? (or obscure talents!)
Terry can open a bottle of beer with any object. Anton does all the artwork for the band too. Fitzy speaks fluent Canadian eh.

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