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There have been some amazing lockdown inspired music videos made in the past 6-months, and this is surely one of the best. The track itself doesn’t just evoke a 60s Motown pop sound, but the infectious video adds an wonderful extra layer, which draws you in, and ensures you’re singing, dancing, clapping, and smiling for a while!
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Seprona are a 5-piece band from Liverpool, who I first came across at the start of 2020 following the release of their excellent track Lost In The Lonely Hearts, which opened one of our Mixtapes. They’ve recently released the follow up, Rose Tinted Eyes, which is another barnstorming and contagious tune, and to coincide we’ve nabbed front man Daniel for a Q&A. So, read on to find out about the band, their music, hip shaking, goalkeeping… and channeling his inner Ricky Martin!
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The Fresh on the Net school year has come to an end again and we’re now on our summer break, however I’ve been through my little black book for the past 11 months and, as always, there’s been a huge array of excellent new music submitted to us during that time.

So from the 5,000 – 6,000 tracks I’ve personally heard (we get 200 a week!), I’ve created an eclectic playlist with 10 of my favourites for you to browse. So press play, and take in some alt & indie rock, soulful pop, rhythmic folk, experimental art-pop and more, all the way to a stunning ballad electronica. Enjoy…


bigjimcambo · My FOTN 19/20

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I love exploring new music, whether it’s from recommendations, artists we already know, or just browsing streaming sites, and this latest Mixtape is another eclectic compendium of my favourites from the last month or two. So dig in and explore for yourself, as we go from alt rock & indie, to tropical pop, art-folk, soulful RnB, jazzy electronica, and more. Enjoy…


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Skeeboo is a composer and arranger from the Venice area of Italy who creates a mixture of sounds, from delicate orchestral compositions to more animated dance-floor electronica, and with a few jazz flavours added to the mix too. Separated into two distinct projects; Moods and Modes, which is a collection of short instrumental tracks (of which vol. IV has just been released), and Tableaux Électroniques, which is the umbrella name for various remixes, he has created both a wonderfully tender as well as hypnotic array of music. So read on to find out more about his music recordings, plus producing, mixing… and potatoes!

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Music continues to be a great refuge while life remains on hold in so many ways, and this fifth Mixtape of a quite unique year is hopefully evidence that amazing new songs are still being made and released. So dig in, and browse another electic array of sounds, which come for all corners of the UK, plus some alt rock from Lithuania, Danish electro pop, & keyboard bedroom melodies from Ireland. Enjoy…


bigjimcambo · The Alternative Friday Mixtape 20 – #5

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Conchúr (pronounced Conor) White is a solo artist from Northern Ireland. He originally emerged onto the music scene as frontman of the band Silences, but last year branched off to create his own solo work, resulting in the excellent EP Bikini Crops, released this March. His rousing dream pop sound has already seen him appear in the first two Mixtapes of 2020, as well as a Showreel post for the EP’s title track, but now he now faces a Q&A, so read on to find out more about the EP, life in lockdown, video editing, and craft beers…
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Life is very different for all of us at the moment, but new and under the radar artists continue to produce some amazing music. This latest Mixtape contains 10 of my recent SoundCloud favourites, and takes in musicians not just from the UK, but Italy, Denmark, Canada, and Ukraine too. There’s also the Evolving Spotify playlist, which is updated weekly, so do have the occasional peek there for more great new releases. Enjoy…


bigjimcambo · The Alternative Friday Mixtape 20 – #4

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It feels wrong to call this 4-piece from Brighton an ‘alternative rock’ band, as it seems to miss the target a bit, with the track Mustard providing ample evidence. It’s not a rhapsody, but neither does it doesn’t have the usual verse-chorus combo, and is instead a wonderful journey, containing intimate folk flourishes, a crowd pleasing and anthemic middle to sing along to, and some raucous guitars & percussion. This simple but effective video also brings it all together just perfectly, which is why it’s here in a Showreel post.

The track comes from their upcoming EP, Mustard Coloured Years, due on April 17th via Small Pond Records, which looks set to highlight that the band are ones to watch, and to catch live when normal life resumes again.


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