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because great new music doesn’t always get the exposure it deserves

The Evolving Tunes playlist has done exactly that during 2018, so as the year draws to a close here’s a playlist with 25 of the best tracks to have appeared this year. It contains a wide array of genres, so dive in, enjoy, and keep an eye on the main Spotify playlist during 2019 for more exceptional new, emerging, and under the radar musicians.

The incredible quality of new and emerging musicians never surprises me, and I’m confident that 2018 has been another exceptional year for new music. So as it draws to a close we reveal our annual Alternative Friday Awards… so who are the winners?

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There’s no doubt in my mind that 2018 has been another outstanding year for new and emerging musicians, so it was a huge challenge to trim my longlist down to these impressive & eclectic tracks (do browse the monthly mixtapes and Spotify Evolving Tunes during the year for more).

This ‘Best of 2018’ playlist also joins numerous music dots, from alt rock and indie, to urban folk, electronica, drum n bass, jazz funk, blues, and more. Enjoy…


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Rubber Jaw are a three piece band from Elmstead Market in Essex, comprising of Michael Hemmings on guitar & vocals, Ross Connell on lead guitar & backing vocals, and Archie Mann on drums. Feeling Funny is their recent impressive release, which combines calm atmospheric verses with a rousing alt rock chorus, with both colliding perfectly in the monster finale. The reason it gets a Showreel posting here is because the short yet epic track’s video – made and directed by the band themselves – is an absorbing film, and one which really makes the most of the terrific track.


So now, can you tell me, how we can try and sort it…


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We wander through another array of impressive musical flavours again in this month’s mixtape, which take us from the latest alternative and indie rock tunes, but also include a bit of jazzy blues, fizz punk, electronica, and psychedelic indie jazz. I love ’em all, but do spread the word about your favs. Enjoy…


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Photo by Jasper Fell-Clark

Essex songwriter Sam Eagle has already achieved a lot for a 19-year old. His wonderfully avant-garde DIY style brings “jazzy, left field pop tunes to the indie genre”, and this has seen support from numerous heavyweights, which include BBC 6 Music and Radio X, while I’ve seen him live more than once this year and can confirm his shows are hugely enjoyable. He now faces his latest challenge with this Q&A, so read on to find out more about himself, his upcoming EP, plus tongue tricks, lumps of charcoal, and lemon lizards!

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As the UK nights draw in, the warm summer vibes of some of the recent mixtapes have given way to a few more raucous guitar heavy indie and alt-rock tracks. As always though, this mixtape has also slipped in some equally impressive others, in this case some dark & alternative pop, hip-hop & rap, and ambient electro dance tunes, so enjoy, and do spread the work about your favs…


Model Society – Public Service
Human Resources – West Coast
Charlie Belle – Essay
Loyal – Patterns That Fall
The Recreation – Jealous Lovers
Alex Dutty – Emoji
Freeda – Go Home
The RPMs – Gotta Let Go
Shanghai Blues – Lies
Pip Hall – Mary


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