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This blog, and the Emerging artists recommendations, has only been going since August, so I thought I’d add a few tracks from across 2012 that warrant a listen but haven’t already been featured. They range from the loud to the mellow, and while I love them all I hope you find a few that appeal to you.

Bleech – Break My Nose
East London band Bleech create an excellent blend of indie rock, with the all important added ingredient of including infectious sing-a-long melodies too.


Tom Hickox – Pretty Pride of Russia
Camden based Tom Hickox began song writing as a 17-year old. He combined this with a passion for playing the piano, and ‘The Pretty Pride of Russia’ superbly highlights his velvety smooth voice and excellent song writing skills.


Tennis – Origins
If you like your indie in a shoegaze pop style then Denver based husband and wife duo Tennis should be to your liking.


Devin – You’re Mine
New York based Devin released this fuzzy rock ‘n’ roll helter skelter of a track earlier in 2012, so if you missed it then please make amends now.


Golden Fable – Sugarloaf
This North Wales duo were formerly members of “Tim and Sam’s Tim and the Sam Band”, while Sugarloaf is a multilayered track where choral vocals mix with great guitar to produce an excellent sound.


The Neighbourhood – Female Robbery
From their debut EP “I’m Sorry” this is a superb piece of slow tempo indie from Los Angeles group The Neighbourhood.
[Sorry – track removed from soundcloud]

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