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Live music. Isn’t it! There’s a link between the tracks in this latest selection of wonderful Emerging artists, and it’s that I’ve been fortunate to see all four live in the past month, and they were outstanding without exception! So have a listen, explore their albums, EPs, & singles further… and then make plans to see them on a stage!


Of Empires – See You With The Angels, Kid

Leading up to the release of their new EP, Brighton band Of Empires made a highly memorable visit to The Monarch in Camden. This was the first time I’d seen them live, and I’m hoping it’s not the last, as their style of indie rock ‘n’ roll was terrific, while the infectious energy of lead singer Jack Fletcher had the crowd engrossed. You can find out more about the band in the Q&A I did with them last year, while they’ve also had a Showreel video feature for Baby Darlin’ Sugar (from the new EP), but this is the title track.

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Tom Hickox – The Dubbing Artist

Tom Hickox first appeared here in 2012, and he was excellent live then, but the launch for his second album Monsters In The Deep at The Lexington was a truly remarkable occasion, as the London based pianist with the most intense of baritone vocals was joined by a 5-piece band, and together they played a stunning set. This track tells the story of a woman in pre-revolution Romania, who dubbed bootlegged films for people to watch in secret, risking her life in the process. A fascinating story… which you can dance to!

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Himalayas – Thank God I’m Not You

I was fortunate to catch Cardiff 4-piece Himalayas on the same bill as Of Empires in London, so it was a doubly exceptional evening, and their noisy but melodic rock riffs & percussion were enthralling. To see this newly released track played live was a real treat too, and it’s accompanied by an equally strong video, which is why it’s had its own Showreel feature.

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The Magic Gang – How Can I Compete

Also from Brighton, The Magic Gang arrived at The Horn, St. Albans, the night before their biggest show to date (Heaven, London), and blew the crowd away with their infectious brand of indie and jangle pop, akin to a delightful mashup between Two Door Cinema Club and The Housemartins. The trio of guitarists also combined perfectly on vocals too, and this helped send a happy crowd home with numerous new earworms!

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