Alternative Friday

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Pure Love – Handsome Devil’s Club
The Wedding Present – Make Me Smile (come up and see me)
Kings of Leon – Supersoaker
Skaters – Miss Teen Massachusetts
Shy Nature – Deadly Sin
Orphan Boy – Popsong
Hot Hot Heat – Middle of Nowhere
Depeche Mode – Enjoy the Silence
Dexters – Recover
Two Door Cinema Club – What You Know
Gene – Fighting Fit
Spector – What You Wanted
My Life Story – Strumpet
The Mighty Wah – Story of the Blues
Yellow Umbrella – Hawaii 5 0
Toots & the Maytals – Take Me Home Country Roads
The Heavy – What Makes a Good Man
The Vaccines – Noorgard
The Damned – New Rose
The Libertines – Don’t Look Back into the Sun
Boy and Bear – Southern Sun
The Raveonettes – Recharge & Revolt
Comet Gain – After Midnight, After It’s All Gone Wrong

One thought on “Fusion Tracklist – 28th Feb 2014

  1. annaghislena says:

    An exquisite selection tonight BJC!

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