Alternative Friday

helping to spread the word about impressive new & under the radar musicians

As always, all emerging artists meet with my approval, but which of this varied bunch will appeal to you the most?


Mourning Birds – Oh Yeh!
This is a great blast of garage rock, and is the debut single from Kent band Mourning Birds.


Heart of a Dog – HOSS
Wonderful melodies come soaring out of this folk infused track from Norfolk band Heart of a Dog.


Rory Wynne – Scared
It doesn’t matter how raw this indie track sounds, the tune and lyrics come through with an effortless ease from the youthful Rory Wynne!
[Sorry, track no longer on Soundcloud]


Familiar Creatures – Leave Your Lover
It’s hard to pin down where Leave Your Lover should be placed, but the brass and bass help to create a sublime track.

4 thoughts on “Emerging #25

  1. annaghislena says:

    Great tunes! Thanks for recommendations and intros.

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