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As always, this latest Emerging artists entry is an eclectic mix and covers a number of musical bases… but what have hangovers, leaves on the line, and a bit of Scandi noir got to do with it? Listen and enjoy!


Rory Wynne – Post Party Confusion
I’m quite certain most of us have suffered from a nasty post party hangover before, but I’m glad to hear that this indie punk track with a killer chorus isn’t written about himself, as the talented Rory Wynne, who has already featured before in Emerging #25, is only 14 years old! One to watch.
Website | Soundcloud


Emil Friis – No More Workmans Blues
This haunting but outstanding track from Danish musician Emil Friis brings vocals reminiscent of Lou Reed, and excellent musicianship throughout. It all adds up to a ‘Scandi noir’ track that grows on you with every listen.
Website | Soundcloud
[Sorry – track removed from soundcloud]


Lost Winter – Footsteps in the Sand
From their new EP, and featuring the heart warming vocals of Charlotte Francis, I’m not sure whether to describe this as a catchy piece of electro, indie, or pop. Maybe it’s a mix of all three though. You decide?
Website | Bandcamp


The Slow Revolt – Never Get Close
This soulful electronica track from London based The Slow Revolt is a real grower, and despite its more mellow pace, it will surely have you struggling to maintain your non-dancing composure. If you’re worried about your reputation, maybe avoid listening to it on public transport!


Akira the Don – Rain In England
Sadly the artist known as Akira the Don is moving on to musical pastures new, and while his final album A.K.D.R.I.P. is full of his usual rap and pop excellence, it also contains this wonderfully quirky ballad with poetic lyrics that demand your attention! Leaves on the line eh?

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