Alternative Friday

helping to spread the word about impressive new & under the radar musicians

Similar to my Emerging artists entries here, I’ve recently started a new music feature on Fresh on the Net…   Jim’s Pick ‘n’ Mix.

Each of the first two posts features ten tracks, some of which I’ve come across while wandering the musical interweb, while others are artists who I’ve heard while moderating for FOTN.

In all cases though, they feature new or lesser known artists, and they cover a multitude of genres, so there’s bound to be something there that’ll appeal to you. Also, have a peek at the written reviews, which will hopefully help you choose which tracks to listen to first.

So, forget fizzy cola bottles, flying saucers, and fruit salads, and find out what beards, avocados, Scandi noir, and soggy leaves on the line have to do with a pick ‘n’ mix… enjoy the music!!

Pick ‘n’ Mix #1                             Pick ‘n’ Mix #2


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