Alternative Friday

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Here are five more new music gems, which include some outstanding indie, perfect pop, and superb folk rock. I think all five are exceptional, but which will be your favourite?

Lonely Tourist – Another Statistic
The slightly distorted vocals of Lonely Tourist frontman Paul Tierney may be the first thing to grab you in this brilliant two minutes of garage influenced alternative pop, but with fellow musician Jim Lang alongside him, the melody soon competes for your attention!
Bandcamp | Soundcloud


Port Isla – Steamroller
Port Isla first featured here in Emerging #8 in 2012, and have since made further appearances such is the quality of their music. Steamroller continues their trend for excellent folk rock with strong melodies and sing-along choruses, and if you get the chance to see them live then I recommend you do as I’m confident they’ll have you hooked.
Website | Soundcloud


Shy Nature – Lie Back
Another band who have appeared here before, in Emerging #19, are London band Shy Nature, and Lie Back proves again that they have the ability to produce wonderfully catchy indie tunes. Also if you like animal based music videos then check out the official video here.
Website | Soundcloud


Johnny Panic & the Fever – Car on Fire
The supremely catchy art-rock track from 7-piece Liverpool band Johnny Panic & the Fever comes from their excellent debut EP Sleep the Sleep of Fever, so if this appeals to you as much as me then you should definitely investigate further.
Bandcamp | Soundcloud
[Sorry – track removed from soundcloud]


Grace Sarah – Generics
This Cambridge teenager is set for a huge career if Generics is anything to go by, as it is a charming piece of dance based pop. Her quintessentially English vocals combine just perfectly with the drum based instrumentation. It certainly is a song that belies her years.
Website | Soundcloud
[Sorry – track removed from soundcloud]

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