Alternative Friday

helping to spread the word about impressive new & under the radar musicians

Here’s another variety pack of great new music, so there’s surely something here you’ll fall for…

Shy Nature – She Comes She Goes
This north London band have a strong track record of bringing out excellent singalong indie rock with great guitar work and vocals (and the evidence is right here in Emerging #19 and #28). She Comes She Goes is no exception, and is one that can’t fail to have you tapping your feet.
Website | Soundcloud


Viola Dust – The Big Hop
Is it pop, electro, or alternative dance? You decide, but with a huge chorus and strong production, this debut from Newry band Viola Dust is a glorious synth assault that should fill a dance floor with ease.


The Inkhearts – Keeping Up
If you love your indie pop then Keeping Up is an impressive and lively track that will surely appeal to you as much as me. To learn that this 4-piece band from Skelmersdale are still teenagers just adds to the achievement. A terrific track.
Website | Soundcloud


Ian Roberts – Sweetlove Butterfly
This is a delightful breezy song with uplifting melodies that are bound to put a smile on your face, and if you enjoy this as much as I do then do have a look at the award winning video for it.
Website | Soundcloud


Centrefolds – Aquaplane
This latest release from Bristol band Centrefolds is another excellent example of their catchy hook laden electro inspired indie. Great for the summer.
Website | Soundcloud

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