Alternative Friday

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Here’s another varied mix of musicians to entertain you. I love them all but which will be your favourite?


Port Isla – Adventures
Norwich folk rock band Port Isla also featured last year in Emerging #8, and the strength of their wonderfully melodic sounds is repeated again in Adventures, while having seen them last weekend I can testify that they’re superb live too!
[Sorry – track removed from soundcloud]


Saskwatch – I Get Lonely
This is a great piece of soulful RnB, full of brass, and surely guaranteed to have you dancing. As with Port Isla, they were brilliant live last weekend at the Glastonbury music festival here in the UK.


Land of the Giants – The Drop
You can’t really pigeonhole Plymouth band Land of the Giants, but their blend of indie, ska, and blues rock is highly entertaining, while they put on a great live show, as they proved last weekend too!


The Cut Throat Razors – In Love With Your Lover
If you like ska influenced pop with a nice chuck of brass then Glasgow 10-piece The Cut Throat Razors should appeal, while also check out their excellent ‘gospel ska’ track Freedom from Emerging #16.

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