Alternative Friday

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Here’s another set of great new tracks, which range from traditional indie to gospel ska! As always, I’ve tried to pick a fairly eclectic mix, but which is your favourite?

The Vex – Martyr
This is the recent debut single from London band The Vex, and is an excellent two minute blast of raucous indie.

The Cut Throat Razors – Freedom
You may hear other influences, but I can only describe this track from Glasgow 10-piece The Cut Throat Razors as a great piece of ‘gospel ska’.

A La Punk – Fuzzy
Fuzzy may be the title, but it’s also a very apt way to describe this enjoyable lo-fi track from London band A La Punk.

Laced – Jade Vine
This is a great debut single from 5-piece Birmingham band Laced, while its strong sound makes me think of those 90s indie icons such as Oasis, The Stone Roses, and The Charlatans.

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