Alternative Friday

helping to spread the word about impressive new & under the radar musicians

I hope you enjoy another variety pack of great new music, as there’s surely something here you’ll fall for…

Dietrich Jon – Lions
Indiana band Dietrich Jon are no strangers to Alternative Friday, having already appeared in Emerging #27, while Lions is another example of the superbly melodic country rock they produce.
Soundcloud | Twitter


The Shy Lips – She Was Born in Bahia
This is a highly catchy indie rock track from 4-piece Swedish band The Shy Lips, which has a great bass groove and sing-a-long vocals that will surely draw you in on the first listen.
Website |Soundcloud | Twitter


3D Shark – Sick Note
Don’t let your boss catch you singing this pop punk track, which comes from 3D Shark’s recent EP Some Boys Like To Hide Away, which intriguingly also includes the tracks “Ronnie O’Sullivan”, and “My Name is Brian Clough”! You can also see the entertaining video to Sick Note here.
Soundcloud | Twitter


Winters Island – Ares
This indie-electro track from London 3-piece band Winters Island has a highly infectious tune. Add in the strong vocals and polished production and you have an outstanding pop tune.
Website | Soundcloud | Twitter

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