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I hope you enjoy another variety pack of great new music, as there’s surely something here you’ll fall for…

Dietrich Jon – Lions
Indiana band Dietrich Jon are no strangers to Alternative Friday, having already appeared in New Tunes #27, while Lions is another example of the superbly melodic country rock they produce.
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The Shy Lips – She Was Born in Bahia
This is a highly catchy indie rock track from 4-piece Swedish band The Shy Lips, which has a great bass groove and sing-a-long vocals that will surely draw you in on the first listen.
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3D Shark – Sick Note
Don’t let your boss catch you singing this pop punk track, which comes from 3D Shark’s recent EP Some Boys Like To Hide Away, which intriguingly also includes the tracks “Ronnie O’Sullivan”, and “My Name is Brian Clough”! You can also see the entertaining video to Sick Note here.
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There’s another eclectic mix of great new tunes in this show. Enjoy…



The Shallows – Ghost
The Vaselines – One Lost Year
Darlia – Dear Diary
Benjamin Booker – Violent Shiver
The Hosts – September Song
John Wean – New York Doesn’t Love You
The King Blues – Keep The Faith
Catfish & the Bottlemen – Kathleen
Alvvays – Archie, Marry Me
The Go Team – Titanic Vandalism
Roxy Music – Street Life
The Waterboys – Trumpets (remix)
John Newman – Love Me Again
John Grant – I Wanna Go To Marz
Port Isla – Simple Sunrise
Darkside – Heart


Welcome to the latest Q & A in which we meet Lost Winter, a 3-piece that formed around 18 months ago, and led by by Richard Westwood, who in his own words, was “a bored guitarist living in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire”. By spring 2013 he had been joined by the powerful vocalist Charlotte Francis of the Leeds based band Rhythm Aire. Completing the line-up, playing bass guitar, is Richard Flynn, an old friend of Richard’s, and member of the band Glass Harbours.

Their aim is to release four EPs, one for each season of the year, the third of which – Spring – came out in April, while they have already featured in New Tunes #20 and #29, but what have Stephen King, Wayne’s World, waistlines, and a Tandoori Chicken Mossolom got to do with anything… and who are Ozzy & Brian?

Website | Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook | Rhythm Aire | Glass Harbours



~ Describe your music for those who may not have come across it?

That’s the hardest question of all! We’re fans of different artists and bands and some of these influences find their way in to our music. Charlotte is a classically trained musician with a strong jazz, soul and blues influence. Flynn comes from an electronica, hardcore and metal background whilst I’m really in to artists like Tim Hecker, Forest Swords, Peals and James Blake. So I guess you could say our sound is….. emotive indie pop? Or something like that!

~ What was the idea behind the release of a specific number of EPs, and the seasonal characteristic behind them?

To be honest, the idea evolved as the project evolved. I had so much fun writing “Winter” it seemed pointless to call it a day after releasing one EP. The next step involved working out how long it would take to write a new set, save the cash and source the artwork for another recording. Inevitably the answer led to our “Summer” EP and the idea grew from there really.

The DIY approach to making music is also something that’s also totally integral to Lost Winter and the way we release and promote our songs and I hope this is something we never have to compromise.

~ When is the fourth EP due?

With any luck ‘Autumn’ should see the light off day by mid-October with a single preceding it in August or September. We wanted to write a record that had elements of all the other Lost Winter EPs (the big vocal tracks, interludes, instrumentals & samples) with songs that still pushed us forward as a band. So expect to hear Charlotte’s amazing vocals alongside more chilled out post rock instrumental tracks! I’m really confident that ‘Autumn’ will be our best EP yet.

~ And after that?

I don’t really know what we’re going to do! We’ll probably see how we feel in the New Year and take it from there. But it won’t be the end of Lost Winter, that’s for sure.

~ Have you performed many of your songs live yet?

Not yet, but never say never!

~ As and when you do get to perform live, which famous person would you love to drive the tour bus?

(Charlotte) Johnny Cash. I wish I’d seen him live, and I’d love to be driving along to a gig singing along to “Ring of Fire” or “A Boy Named Sue”, or if in a more sombre mood, I absolutely love his cover of “Hurt”. I cry every time I hear it, and have when I sing it too – although on second thoughts maybe we wouldn’t want to get to a gig all teary (not sure Richard and Flynn would cry though – I’m just overly emotional)!!

(Rich) I’d go with Johnny Cash too.

(Flynn) – Oooh, right! I’m thinking someone like John Lennon or Paul McCartney. Can I have both? To be in the presence of such song writing geniuses, who could also rock with the best of them, would be amazing!

~ Are there any other new local bands to you that we should be investigating?

(Rich) I’ve never met Fraser McGowan from Caught In The Wake Forever, but his new LP, “My Family Goes On Without Me” is my favourite record of the year by a mile. It’s a stunning album.

~ Which famous song by another artist would you love to have written yourself.

(Charlotte) Hmm. Where do I start?! I’m going to go for Etta James, “At Last”.

(Rich) “Washer” by Slint. Slint are playing Leeds in August, which is a dream come true for me.

(Flynn) I would say ‘Mogwai Fear Satan’ by Mogwai! It’s one of those tracks that really hits you, especially live. If not that, then any Beatles track!

~ What do you all do to relax away from music?

(Charlotte) Music is my relaxation, mostly! Although I do like to meet up with friends in a good bar in Leeds, or to watch a good film with Scott (husband), Ozzy and Brian (our two amazing cats)!

(Rich) A Stephen King book usually does the trick.

(Flynn) Spending time with the family, but with a house full of girls (as I’m sure Rich will agree) isn’t really relaxing though! Rugby League for me, coaching and playing takes up a lot of my spare time.

~ To Rich – what’s the best thing about Charlotte and Flynn?

Charlotte is a great laugh and an amazing improviser in the studio. You never know what you’re going to hear next, but you know it’ll be amazing. Artistically, it’s a really exciting process to be around.

Flynn, our bass player, is probably the best musician I know. He can adopt his bass playing to suit any genre without losing his own individual style.

~ To Charlotte/Flynn – what’s the worst thing about Rich?

(Charlotte) Erm – his accent?! Only joking! Can’t really think of anything to be honest! We’ve always got on really well, there’s nothing that annoys me about him! I’d say he’s very much a perfectionist when it comes to song writing and the post production, and the tiniest thing he hears that’ s not quite right means he’ll head back into the studio until he’s happy (which can mean hours and hours of his own time spent getting it perfect). But that’s probably a good thing – no, it definitely is.

(Rich) I’d agree with that!

~ Favourite takeaway?

(Charlotte) Chinese. Salt and pepper chicken wings to start followed by a special chow mein or a special foo yung. Lovely (although not for the waistline!!)

(Flynn) I have to agree with Charlotte, Chinese all the way!

(Rich) Curry – Tandoori Chicken Mossolom.

~ Favourite film?

(Charlotte) I have so many films that I love! “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” is up there, “Requiem for a Dream”, “Pan’s Labyrinth”, “and Amelie” – I could go on… One more. “Stepbrothers”. It’s just so silly.

(Rich) ‘Breadcrumb Trails’ or ‘Some Kind of Monster’.

(Flynn) – Couple of faves, Waynes World and High Fidelity (even though the books are better).


Enjoy an hour of new tunes, and one or two vintage ones too…

Lonely Tourists – Another Statistic
Swinging for Mars – Minimum Wage
Johnny Panic & the Fever – Heads Will Roll
Kasabian – Stevie
Dexters – Oceans
Miles Kane – Don’t Forget Who You Are
Public Service Broadcasting – Signal 30
Dietrich Jon – Her
Circa Waves – Young Chasers
Bob Marley & Wailers – Iron Lion Zion
Crystal Fighters - Follow
Bastille – Daniel in the Den
Emil Friis – Sand In Your Eyes
Future Islands – Light House
Cold War Kids – Miracle Mile
Spector – Fri Night Don’t Ever Let it End
Chris King & Hotel Radio – True

Aside from all the new music here, I’ve recently posted two more Pick ‘n’ Mix entries on Fresh on the Net.

So, forget fizzy cola bottles, flying saucers, and fruit salads, and find out what sick notes and horror movies have to do with a pick ‘n’ mix!

Enjoy the music!

Pick ‘n’ Mix #3                       Pick ‘n’ Mix #4



Welcome to another entry in the new Q&A series, this time with Rory Wynne, a solo artist from Stockport. We first featured Rory here last year in New Tunes #25, and he popped up again more recently in New Tunes #29.

My comment regarding last year’s appearance was “It doesn’t matter how raw this indie track sounds, the tune and lyrics come through with an effortless ease”. If his tracks sound raw that can be more than understood given that they were recorded in his bedroom, and that Rory Wynne is only 14 years old!

As Tom Robinson said recently on his BBC 6 Music show… Rory is “writing music that’s beating artists twice his age!”. A fine compliment, but read on, as we learn more about his musical development, and also find out what he likes on his chips!


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~ When did you first pick up a guitar?
I first picked up a guitar when I got one as a present for Christmas when I was 4 or 5, but I couldn’t really play anything.

~ Do you come from a musical family?
Yes. My Dad plays guitar and sings. Just as a hobby though.

~ What influenced you to start writing and recording songs?
In terms of writing and recording the first song I wrote was just an experiment to see if I could compose anything thought provoking (this is at the age of 10/11) and it was just four chords repeated over and over. As for recording I tried to always record any stuff that sounded decent, mainly so I didn’t forget what the song was like, whether it was on a video camera or a USB mic or a laptop microphone. It was only a year or so ago I started doing proper recordings.

~ Have you performed live yet?
I’ve played at family parties and that but nothing serious, and I didn’t get nervous probably because it’s what I enjoy doing, but I hope to start gigging soonish. I’ve just got a backing band together so sometime soon.

~ You’ve got an album coming out soon. What have you found most challenging about making it?
None of it was all that challenging really. The writing process was very quick and the songs didn’t change much from the initial idea. The recording and producing I just did in my room on Saturday afternoons. The producing was probably the most enjoyable for me because it was fun to experiment with effects, panning etc, to try and get the most dramatic sounds on some tracks and the rawest sounds on the others.

~ If you could curate a festival stage, what five bands/artists would you invite to perform?
Jack White, The National, Onions, Me, and The Stone Roses headlining. They are my four favourite bands at the moment and I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to join them.

~ What’s the most rock ‘n’ roll thing you’ve ever done?
I haven’t really done anything particularly Rock n Roll. I’m not the most vibrant of individuals. I’d probably say… wearing sunglasses and a jacket inside. I suppose my haircuts pretty rock n roll compared to most people I get a few funny looks at school. I’m afraid I’m not really old enough to have any intriguing tales of experiences that could be categorised as Rock n Roll.

~ What do you like doing away from music?
Away from music I don’t really do much else. I don’t watch T.V. and I rarely go out. If I were to be clichéd I would say ‘You can never get away from music, especially as a songwriter, you are constantly coming up with ideas’ but I just like doing nothing.

~ As a teenager, what do you think is the age when someone becomes officially ‘old’?
80 – 85 I don’t really have a set age on oldness. I think individuals decide when they have been defeated by age and feel old.

~ Tomato ketchup, barbecue sauce, or mayo?
Heinz Tomato Ketchup. It has to go on nearly all of your meal, especially your chips!

~ Playstation or Xbox?
Neither, the only game I ever play is FIFA and that’s on the Xbox but I’m not really a gamer.


There’s quite an eclectic mix of great new music in this show. Enjoy…


Port Isla – Next In Line
Shy Nature – She Comes She Goes
Future Islands – Spirit
The Rifles – Minute Mile
The Districts – Rocking Chair
The King Blues – Headbutt
Slydigs – Soul Ain’t Safe Round Here
Bleech – Not Like You
Benjamin Schoos – Je Ne Vois Que Vous
Royal Blood – Little Monster
The Rakes – Open Book
The Black Keys – 10 Lovers
Hard-Fi – You and Me
Damon Albarn – Heavy Seas of Love
Lost Winter – Footsteps in the Sand
Todd Terje – Delorian Dynamite


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