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Newcastle Upon Tyne 3-piece Motel Carnation are a new band, with just one track released to date. Dig deeper though, and you find it’s collective of some of the finest CV’s from the local music scene as, from left to right (above), we have Austin Tweddle (vox, guitar, & Scalesia), Conor McBride (drums, Deep.Sleep, & Casual Threats), and Alexander Soper (vox, guitar, & Coquin Migale). That teaser track, Saul, hints at both a moody-psychedelic and indie-dance sound for the band, so read on as we chat to Alex about the formation of the trio, their first release, Ozzy Osbourne’s driving potential, and chicken wings!
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I hate reducing the monthly mixtape longlist down to 10 tracks, as the quality of outstanding music from under-the-radar artists never dips or disappoints. So here’s May’s 10, and it’s another eclectic array, so I hope you enjoy browsing a bit of grunge rock, indie pop, alt-folk, orchestral drum n bass, psych & dream pop… & er, some burning zips!


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Plastic Mermaids are a 5-piece experimental & indie synthpop band from the Isle of Wight, comprising of brothers Jamie and Douglas Richards (vocals, synths & samples), Chris Newnham (guitar), Tom Farren (bass), and Chris Jones (drums). They’ve already released a few EPs but their first full LP, the self-produced Suddenly Everyone Explodes, is released on May 24th.

The outstanding 1996 was the first taster of a hugely promising album, but the release of I Still Like Kelis takes the anticipation to a whole new level. It’s a superbly produced 3 1/2 minutes of distorted dancefloor shoegaze brilliance, while the self-made video must have taken light years to make, given that it mixes quantum theory and plasticine!


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Do also check this Emerging article on the band.


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When Scouse meets Spaghetti Western! That’s what I wrote when Liverpool 6-piece Red Rum Club won an Alternative Friday award in 2018. Mixing a wonderful array of anthemic indie rock & Americana, full of lively melodies and driving choruses, the added blast of a solitary trumpet really creates an infectious wild west vibe. They released their debut album Matador in January, which just confirmed the strength of the band’s songwriting over ten tracks.

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The new music scene is so impressive at the moment I was again forced to whittle down an encouragingly strong shortlist in order to limit this month’s mixtape to ten tracks! That’s a good thing I hope, and as usual the selection is an eclectic array too, so jump in and explore a bit of alternative & indie, soul, blues Americana, chamber pop, piano jazz fusion, & a largely instrumental hip-hop track. Enjoy…


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Sinkane, aka Ahmed Abdullahi Gallab, is a London born Sudanese-American musician who makes a vibrant, rhythmic, and funky mix of Afro-Latin & electronica. Ahead of his upcoming album Dépaysé has been the release of Everybody, which I fell in love with on first listen!

Creating a truly carnival atmosphere, the song is a colourful anthem of inclusion, and is gets a Showreel post because the video, by director Bruno Ferreira, and filmed at the Escola de Samba Paraíso do Tuiuti school in Rio de Janeiro, captures the feel of the song just perfectly. Get ready to dance!

It’s a brand new day…


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