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Life hasn’t exactly returned to normal in 2021, but the quality of releases from new and emerging artists has remained as strong as ever. The regular mixtapes are in themselves a mini ‘best of’, given the 1000s of tracks I hear as a Fresh on the Net moderator, as well as on my other musical travels, but here is my end of year ‘best of the best’ selection.

It’s an eclectic array of highly impressive sounds too, ranging from dark alt rock to infectious indie, some poetic pop, space & dance electronica, country folk, smoky jazz, soulful RnB, and more. Enjoy!!

bigjimcambo · The Alternative Friday Best of 2021 Mixtape


BLOXX — Everything I Ever Learned
The Islas — Oblivion
Lucky Iris — Coffee Shop
Wilderado — Astronaut
Brodie Milner — An Open Letter
Dead Slow Hoot — Taller Tree
Motel Carnation — Deja Vu (Caught Up)
Ali Horn — L O B O T O M Y B O O G I E
Scrimshire — The Pile feat. Cleveland Watkiss
Snide — Dreams
This Elegant Gull — No Weakness Just Fame
Trunky Juno — Serial Killer Vibes
Calum Jones – MirrorGlass
Valeras — Let Me Go
Jackson Mathod — Cretins
Badbelly — Fanfiction Ft Feral Serge
Moth Effect — You & Me Forever
Young Winona — LA Waste
VC Pines — See You Soon
Noodle Beard — Eight O’clock (Featuring Hannah Reem)

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