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The Fresh on the Net ‘school year’ has just ended, and we’re now on our holidays, but in the past 10 months we’ve had over 7000 tracks submitted to us for potential inclusion in the weekend Listening Posts, and we’ve listened to each and every one!!

I’ve now created a short playlist of some of my favourites. It could have been much longer, such has been the quality of the music, but these ten tracks also highlight the range of genres that are uploaded to us on a weekly basis, which make it an engaging listening experience. So, dig in and enjoy a range of sounds, from hip-hop to garage rock, Latin jazz to country folk, EDM to indie, and more…

bigjimcambo · My FOTN 20/21

This Elegant Gull — No Weakness Just Fame
Tina Boonstra — Talk It Over
Badbelly — Fanfiction Ft Feral Serge
The C33s — Benzodiac
Ali Horn — End Credits
SNIDE — Dreams
The Islas – Close
Jackson Mathod — Cretins
Enjoyable Listens — That’s Where My Shoes Were
Conchúr White — Dreamers

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