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Over the past year or so, York based 4-piece The Howl & the Hum have been crafting some truly memorable music, which combines dark hypnotic rock with some raucous and addictive melodies, as well as witty wordplay. They first appeared here back in the February Mixtape when I came across the superb Portrait I.



That put them on my radar, however it was the subsequent release of the slow building alt rock epic Murder that really blew me away. I first heard the track when they uploaded it to Fresh on the Net in May, where after a few listen it was stuck in my head, became my main pick of the week as moderator, and where it went on to triumph in the voting! Never have bus stops, pyjamas, & Tesco value lager made such an impact!



They get an Emerging… piece however, in part because I’ve finally seen how they bring all these songs together when playing live, and it was a mesmerising performance, full of energy, and a powerful stage presence led by singer and guitarist Sam Griffiths. It was so good that at the end I wanted then to start all over again. Ones to watch!

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