Alternative Friday

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The Fresh on the Net school year has come to an end again, and we’re now on our summer break, however I’ve been through my little black book for the past 11 months and, as always, there’s been a huge array of excellent music submitted to us during that time.

So, from the 5,000 – 6,000 tracks I’ve personally heard, I’ve created a playlist with 10 of my favourites for your enjoyment. The bar is therefore very high, so press play, and take in some alt rock & indie, troubadour storytelling, surf pop, post-punk, and more. Enjoy…


Howl & the Hum – Murder
Himalayas – Sigh on a Hurricane
Honeymilk – Havslaten
Lewis Bootle – Routes
October Drift – All Broken Down
The Cheap Thrills – Codependence
San Blas – Drive
River Purple – Ready to Fall
NeedShes – Time To See
Lloyd Llewellyn – Long Way Down

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