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2017 – What an outstanding year for new and emerging artists! It was therefore a huge challenge to whittle the long list down to these 20 tracks, so sadly there were plenty of gems that couldn’t be included, (the monthly Mixtapes and Spotify Evolving Tunes are the places to head to during the year for more).

As previously, it’s another eclectic array of hugely impressive songs, so dive in and wander through everything from ridiculously catchy indie & pop, to floor filling electronica & synth, via some dark & dreamy alternative tunes, breathless ballads, and playful wordsmiths. Enjoy…


Himalayas – Thank God I’m Not You
Tom Hickox – The Dubbing Artist
Mosley Bar – Two Apart
Abhi The Nomad – Somebody to Love
San Blas – Morgan
Mieux – Shenzhen
Keir – I Don’t Need Anybody Else
Of Empires – See You With The Angels, Kid
Eloïse – California
Honeymilk – Havslåten
Lewis Bootle – Cells
Giant Party – Ambulances
Bedroom Eyes – After I Was A Kid But Before I Grew Up
Snippet – Bad Man
Lloyd Llewellyn – Long Way Down
Bleach Dream – Silent Star
Family Jools – American Dream
Swimming Girls – 2 Kids
Still a Great Night – Still a Great Night
Lorne – Bread Alone
Kane Strang – My Smile Is Extinct

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