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This soul-splashed indie 4-piece from London is made up of (left ro right); Mark Hyden (guitar), Hugh Fox (drums), Tim Harrod (keys, synth, backing vox), and Allan Harrod (lead vox, guitar, keys). They released their self-titled EP in August 2017 to widespread acclaim and radio play, while the track Ambulances made our Best of 2017 Mixtape too.



They’ve now kicked of the New Year by raising the bar higher still with the release of the outstanding White Ink, which is a more energetic and meatier beast than the hypnotic and ambient electronica influenced tracks from the EP, such as Ambulances. If I call Giant Party’s contagious and 80’s influenced sound ‘indie dance’ it’s certainly accurate, but possibly does it a disservice as it barely covers the multitude of exotic layers within their music. Either way they’ve struck gold with their fusion of funky soul and indie rock, and seem set for great things in 2018!



As for their live performances – oh my giddy Aunt – I caught them a few times last year and can vouch they’re outstanding! This is not just because of the quality of the songs and musicianship, but also because their frontman, Allan, puts in the wildest of displays that makes Sam Herring (Future Islands) seem rather bashful by comparison!

Definitely ones to watch, and do catch them now… before they’re huge!

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