Alternative Friday

because great new music doesn’t always get the exposure it deserves

I’m not sure a New Tunes has ever covered African soul, urban folk, country rock, and something quite ambient all at the same time! If it’s a first it’s because they’re all quite outstanding creations though, so which are your favs…


Lewis Bootle – All I Know
This is a gem of a tune with captivating lyrics by singer, songwriter and guitarist Lewis Bootle, from Ware in Hertfordshire, but is it urban folk or acoustic rap? I’ll let you decide.
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Haula – Freedom
Exotic vocals and an uplifting tune combining soul, blues, and African influences, make for a wonderful sound from London and Oxford based singer and pianist Haula Nakakembo. The production is highly polished production too. Gorgeous.
Website | Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook


Mojomakerz – Zayed
There are so many different ways you could describe the music from the Tales for Sunrise album by Lincolnshire based musician & songwriter Paul Hegarty, and Scottish musician & producer Ian James Stewart, but I’ve called it a mix of experimental, electronic, & ambient. Either way, this atmospheric “East meets West” track and video should start your colourful Mojomakerz journey with a smile.
Website | Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook

Matthew the Oxx – Haul It Up
Havana, havana, havana cigar… isn’t your everyday start to a song, but it kicks off Haul It Up with a rousing energy that keeps you hooked until the very end. Matthew the Oxx is possibly better known for his folk tracks, but this adds a country rock feel to it too. A wonderfully catchy combination of styles.
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[Sorry – track removed from soundcloud]

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