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Taking their name from the 1980’s film The Lost Boys, this Sheffield 4-piece are comprised of Max Clutterbuck (singer/songwriter), Jack Berry (lead guitar), Henry Robinson (bass) and Ethan Reeves (drums). The band first appeared in my Evolving Spotify playlist in July last year with the song Charlie, which was taken from their debut EP Bad News, and their 5-track follow up, Love Among Angry People, has just been released, which is crammed full of fabulously infectious indie tunes. So read on, as we chat to the band’s founder & songwriter Max Clutterbuck about the EP, being annoying, Freddie Mercury’s driving, and doing the splits!


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~ When did you start playing instruments and writing music?
I first reached for a guitar in secondary school. I’d tried and failed in primary (small hands) but second attempt was more successful. I never really had lessons, I was self taught, and soon as I got to a point where I could play a few chords I was writing. Nothing good mind, but early efforts non the less.

~ What’s the background to the band, & how did the four of you all meet?

Myself, Henry (Bass) & Eth (Drums) grew up together, attended the same secondary school and started writing music together there. We then met Bezza (lead guitar) at university in Sheffield and the four of us have been thick as thieves ever since. We pottered about in a couple of other bands in secondary school, mostly if we fell out to spite one another, but we’d always come crawling back.

~ Congratulations on the excellent new EP, but what did you find most challenging about making it?

To be honest the whole process was very cathartic and super easy, kind of rolled off the tongue like. I wouldn’t say there was anything particularly challenging in the process, we did a fair bit of writing in the studio which was different for us, and actually we’ve found that some of our finest moment are happening that way now. So yeah, not so much challenging, more different.

lostboy · Weight

~ What’s your usual song-writing process?

The tracks start with me, every song is written solely as vocal and acoustic guitar. Works for me cause I know that if I write a song that way and it’s fun to play/enjoy then I know I’m probably onto a winner. The lads then get the track once I’m happy and will add the meat onto the bones so to speak.

~ What’s the best bit about working with the other three members of the band, and what would they say is the worst bit about working with you? 😉

The best bit about work with them is that they are jigs as jokes to be around as they are talented. They would say the worst thing about working with me is I’m annoying as f**k.

~ If you were appearing on ‘Later with Jools Holland‘, which track from the new EP would you choose to perform?

I would play Change, I think it’s quite topical right now, with the environmental crisis etc, & it proper kicks off at the end so reckon we’d have a whale playing that on there.

lostboy · Change

~ Are there any other new bands or musicians local to you in Sheffield that you recommend we check out?
You should definitely check out Oh Papa, proper nice lads and really nice sound. Danny Mellin is also class, had him along with us on tour for a couple of dates supporting. There’s so much class new music at the minute though.

~ Aside from music, do you have any other creative skills? (or obscure talents!)
I can say the longest village name in the UK and can (although it’s been a while so would probably need to ease into it) do the splits.

~ You’ve just played some live dates, so if you had the chance on the next tour, which famous person would you love to get to drive the tour bus?

I’d like to have the bus driven by Freddie Mercury because I’d love to hear his musical influences mixtape en route.

~ And finally, what are your plans for the rest of 2022?

We’re actually in studio right now with some new music, and yeah have massive plans for the rest of this year with some really exciting live shows nearing announcement. Will keep you informed, but there’s plenty in the works.

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