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I made a suit out of sandpaper, & walked through a carwash…

One of Enjoyable Listens’ taglines is “music to recede the hairline”, but I’d add “music to make you smile” too.  This duo, fronted by Luke Duffett (above), have been making music and playing live for a few years now, but first came to my attention in 2020, with the releases of the tracks That’s Where My Shoes Were and The Key Of Innocence, which highlighted his impressive baritone vocal & baroque pop style, which combine perfectly with his fabulously witty lyrics.

Enjoyable Listens · That’s Where My Shoes Were

Those releases certainly made me a fan, but he now gets an Emerging article because I finally managed to catch Luke live at the start of January, which showed that he’s not just purely about the songs, as he gave a wonderfully engaging and funny performance. I’d happily see him again, so I hope that’s testament to his growing abilities as a songwriter and live performer.

He’s also going from strength to strength too, as he’s now been signed to Fierce Panda Records and is consequently able to serenade us through a full debut album, The Enjoyable Listen, which has just been released. He’s also toured in America this month, playing numerous dates in NY, LA, Texas (SXSW), and also in Mexico. ‘One to watch’ is a typical endorsement, and it definitely applies to Luke!

If you’re enjoying what you’ve heard so far, and want to learn a little more about Luke and his music, here’s a Q&A I did with him about 18 months ago.

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