Alternative Friday

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As we kick of 2021, the latter part of 2020 was in no way a quiet one for new music, with a barrage of excellent releases. So here’s an eclectic array of some of the best as we kick off the Mixtape series for 2021. It takes you from alt-rock & indie, to folk, jazz, blues, and more. Enjoy…


bigjimcambo · The Alternative Friday Mixtape 21 – #1

The Royston Club – Mrs Narcissistic
Ed The Dog – Untitled.crashed.crashed.crashed
Ali Horn – End Credits
Dutch Criminal Record – 00’s Nostalgia
Puffi – Wave (with Ben)
Wasuremono – Big Big Smiles
Louis Dunford – London’s Requiem
Joe Astley – Television Fantasy
Calum Jones – MirrorGlass
Jackson Mathod – India

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