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In almost all cases, the Emerging acts previously covered here have two things in common – I’ve heard their music and seen them perform it live, and on both counts it’s outstanding. 2020 isn’t our average year though, and aside from some local pre-lockdown music at the start of the year, I’ve yet to go to any gigs. For the moment I can therefore only talk about Kyoti’s music, but I’d love to see them perform these tracks live as soon as normal service is resumed for us all.


KYOTI · Campion


Originally from Newcastle but now based in London, the trio, made up of Ed Burgon (vocals), David Mabbott (keys), and Benji Huntrods (drums), have been creating a stunning cocktail of music. Describing them as an electronic pop band doesn’t do them justice, as they flow between emotive electronica, such as the heart-rending Campion, to the more cinematic art-pop and toe-tapping Let Your Love Decide.


KYOTI · Let Your Love Decide


Over the past year they’ve embraced the streaming evolution in a slightly different way, moving from the more traditional album or EP format, to releasing one track a month as part of their Project Twelve series. The final track, Time Is A Circle, has just dropped, and below is the full dozen. My personal favourite is Campion, but do wander through them all to find yours, and I’ll hopefully see you in the audience when they’re next able to tour.


KYOTI · Project Twelve

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