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When Scouse meets Spaghetti Western! That’s what I wrote when Liverpool 6-piece Red Rum Club won an Alternative Friday award in 2018. Mixing a wonderful array of anthemic indie rock & Americana, full of lively melodies and driving choruses, the added blast of a solitary trumpet really creates an infectious wild west vibe. They released their debut album Matador in January, which just confirmed the strength of the band’s songwriting over ten tracks.



They’re here in an Emerging… article, in part because I’ve finally caught them live, seen how the tracks translate to a stage performance, and how much energy and entertainment goes into their set. From the drums that formed an impressive spine to the songs, the raucous but melodic guitars, Tarantino-esque trumpet, and a performance that demanded your attention from singer Fran Doran, I’m certain they’re building momentum towards greater success through 2019 and beyond.

They’re on the road again in May, supported by long time Alternative Friday favourites October Drift, playing numerous venues from Birmingham to York, and Bath to St Albans [edit: and now Glastonbury too!]. They’re getting rave reviews whenever they perform, so do check them out while they’re still in smaller venues. I’ve got my tickets. Have you got yours?

One thought on “Emerging… Red Rum Club

  1. Sal the Musician says:

    They have such a unique sound…what a mix of genres!

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