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Essex songwriter Sam Eagle has already achieved a lot for a 19-year old. His wonderfully avant-garde and DIY style brings “jazzy, left field pop tunes to the indie genre”, and this has seen support from numerous heavyweights, which include BBC 6 Music and Radio X, while I’ve seen him live more than once this year and can confirm his shows are hugely enjoyable. He now faces his latest challenge with this Q&A, so read on to find out more about himself, his upcoming EP, plus tongue tricks, lumps of charcoal, and lemon lizards!


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~ You’re a talented songwriter and multi-instrumentalist at just 19, so how long have you been playing instruments and writing?
The first instrument I learnt was drums and picked up guitar when I was about 9 I think, however, I got bored of it very quickly for some reason and started again when I was about 15. However, I started writing songs and really getting into writing a few years ago I’d say.

~ You’ve an EP coming out in the New Year, so tell us more about it?
Yes, I’m aiming to have it out early February. It’s currently set to be 6 tracks, but possibly could be longer if there are songs that fit in. There’ll be a few of the singles that I put out this year on there, as they’re part of a group of songs that I’ve written that really feel like they fit together, so I felt they should all be on there. The tracks generally though have a lot of jazzy time signatures and distinct sections, which is the style that I’ve been writing in for the last year or so. However, there are a couple of simpler songs to calm it down a bit, as I try to pack in as much as I can in the other songs – so I want to make sure there’s a balance there. The tracks were mostly recorded at Tom Donovan Studio in Rowhedge, Essex – and then a couple were recorded at home.



~ What have you found most challenging about making the EP?
– I’m not sure really. I’ve seriously enjoyed writing and recording all the tracks, and it’s certainly been the most rewarding musical thing I’ve done. But possibly the most challenging thing has been to make sure that the tracks all compliment each other and flow well. As they were all written and recorded to be singles, I’m trying to make sure the EP is cohesive as it’s own thing rather than just six songs bundled together.

~ You’re essentially a solo artist, but it’s been a treat to see you perform a few times this year with The Lemon Lizards, so how did the live band come together?
– Thank you very much, I really appreciate that. Two of the members, Eddie (bass) and Ben (Drums) I met at sixth form college, so we’ve been playing for a couple of years now. Then I met Will our trombonist in January in a recording session, and he fit so well with the sound of the songs that he joined properly in April. The band got together as with a band you can just be so much more versatile and pretty much do whatever you like – as opposed to just playing solo. However, from now on we’re not playing under ‘The Lemon Lizards’ anymore, as I think it makes it confusing as to what the project actually is, as a lot of people think the band write and record all the songs together, whereas I try to work as self sufficiently as possible. The band is just the live side.

~ In recent months you’ve played live sessions on BBC Radio 6 Music for Tom Robinson, and Radio X for John Kennedy! How surreal was that?
– Both were such fantastic experiences. 6Music was pretty extraordinary though. We always have it on in the kitchen, and some of the sessions I’ve heard on Tom’s show have just been insane, so to be invited in was just such an honour. Plus Kamasi Washington did a session for Gilles Peterson right before our session and he’s a God on the sax, so just the thought of that alone was pretty mental. We only really learnt one of the songs the day before as well, as we all felt it was important to play it so there was a little pressure on that, but I like having a bit of pressure. Radio X was likewise incredible to be in the studio where some fantastic musicians have been – and John Kennedy is a brilliant guy and a true champion of new music. So I definitely have a lot to thank both Tom Robinson and John Kennedy for.



~ If you were appearing on ‘Later with Jools Holland’, which tracks from the EP would you choose to perform?
– Ahhh that is just the absolute dream, so I would definitely be lying if I said I haven’t thought about it before! But I’d say 15/8 and She’s So Nice. These two, because they’re both very different and are the two tracks that I think are best to play live. Plus She’s So Nice features a ripping solo from Will on trombone, and everyone loves to get down a bone solo (I think, I don’t have proof but I surely…).

~ If you could collaborate with a famous musician or band, who would it be?
– I’d say Nick Hakim. He’s a huge influence on my music and just generally a dang smooth guy. Great feel, great voice, great man.

~ Are there any other new bands or musicians local to you in the Colchester & Ipswich area that you recommend we check out?
– I’d have to go with our guys KYANOS from Bury St Edmunds. I’ll admit that’s not really local, but hey – they’re worth going that extra mile for. They’re smooth dudes, they’re putting out some great stuff and they’re gonna blow up any day now.

~ What’s the most impressive thing you can cook?
– To be honest, my cooking’s more impressive in the sense that, it’s impressive how anyone can take such a long time to make something so awful. I dunno, I guess I’m not really fussed about food enough to learn how to cook properly. I’m also terrified of getting food poisoning so if I’m cooking meat I’ll just frazzle it until it’s a just lump of charcoal – better safe than sorry. So to answer that question, I’d genuinely say nothing.

~ Do you have any hidden or obscure skills you’d like to reveal to the world?
– I can do some freaky tricks with my tongue, whether that counts as a skill I don’t really know…

~ Aside from the EP release, what are your plans for 2019?
– Well I’d like to do some more ambitious, bigger shows next year, and maybe go on a tour, see how that goes. Other than music, I’d really like to make a few short films, as filmmaking is something that I’d love to get more into. But yeah, it’s been a cool year so far, so hopefully, 2019 will bring some hot stuff.

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