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Samuel Jack is a London born singer, who spent a few teenage years in Johannesburg, but is now back in the UK, and is based in Dorset. He makes soulful piano-led pop with the most powerful of vocals, as first highlighted when his debut EP came out in 2016, led by the wonderfully gospel influenced title track Let It All Out.



Since then he’s been picked to open the legendary Avalon Stage at Glastonbury, as well as to spend time writing even stronger and more emotive songs, with soul, blues, and even Mowtown influences. He took another step forward when he kicked off 2018 with Kill All The Lights, which is a truly commanding three and a half minutes of music, and has an engaging video to accompany it.



He’s now brought his recent singles together, added a few new tracks to the mix, and released his latest EP, Fire and Ice, a 5-track offering that surely provides enough evidence that this is a songwriter, vocalist, and musician who is heading towards great things. One to watch…

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