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It’s taken a while to get a very high quality long list down to these 20 tracks, such has been the excellent standard of new and independent musicians this year, so jump aboard, and please share your favourites as we venture through a wonderfully varied mixture of sounds, covering alt rock, surf pop, psychedelia, tropical folk, Afro-Latin, indie guitar, RnB and more. Enjoy…


Super Best Friends Club – Humans
The Lulu Raes – Never Leave
Souls – Bad Girl
DMA’S – Play It Out
Estrons – Drop
Gizmo Varillas – Freedom For A Change
Magnus P.I feat Penya – Search It Out
Coquin Migale – Grindie
Of Empires – Baby Darlin’ Sugar
Albert Man – Skimming Stones
The Assist – Things Get Good
Wilderado – Wheat
Green Buzzard – (I Don’t Wanna) Break Your Heart
Lewis Bootle – All I Know
San Blas – Zaid
The Silhouette Era — Tides
Hannah Lou Clark – It’s Your Love
Shobha – U-Turn
Animali – Who?
Richard Walters – U


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