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This latest entry is both an excellent and an eclectic bunch, as we float between psychedelia, blues rock, post punk and, er, Cymrucana? They’re all hugely impressive though, so enjoy ’em, and spread the love for your favs…


Super Best Friends Club — Humans
It’s not easy to describe this gem of a track, but I’d use the words psychedelic, energetic, and infectious yet crazy. There’s a bit of 60s organ, some jazzy percussion, and lots more. Either way it’s an unconventional but engaging 3 mins 41 seconds of excellence, but if you can describe it better than me then answers on a postcard please.
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[Sorry – track removed from soundcloud]


Wilderado – Wheat
This LA 4-piece describe themselves as an ‘indie rock’ band, but there’s more depth to them than that, as they’ve also got a plaid-shirted alternative blues feel, which comes across perfectly in this track from their recent EP Latigo. They’ve struck gold with Wheat, and it’s not even the lead track on the EP!
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Climbing Trees – Amber
This soaring track from South Wales band Climbing Trees, starts slowly but builds into quite an anthemic & alternative folk song (they interestingly call it “Cymrucana”), with gorgeous harmonies and a layer of strings that complement the guitars and drums just perfectly. Strong vocals and polished production also help to make this a track which reveals more with each listen. A heart warming treat.
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October Drift – Losing My Touch
October Drift have been described elsewhere as “sugar coated power-rock”, but giving them a ‘pop’ style label does them a disservice, as evidenced by this dark and heavy, almost post-punk track. I can vouch that they’re excellent live too, and they’ll be touring their new EP in October, so listen to them, then go see them!
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[Sorry – track removed from soundcloud]

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