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Right, so what’s this all about then?

Well… in the summer of 2011 it was suggested I consider hosting an internet radio show. “They’ve got the wrong person” I thought, however a few weeks later ‘An Alternative Friday Night In’ hit the airwaves. Everyone listening have been hugely supportive which has been excellent, while recently I’ve been asked to add the playlists somewhere, and so this blog has been created.

The music on the show is centred around the indie/alternative genre, but an hour or two of solid indie and me spouting inane drivel would surely test most people’s patience, so I
try to limit the drivel while also sprinkling in a few other musical flavours… from punk to pop, via ska, reggae, shoegaze, & other genres. It also mixes up vintage oldies, as well as featuring new releases and emerging artists.

I’ve been a big music & radio fan since I was a kid, but in recent years have been attending more and more gigs too, especially by new and lesser known artists. Therefore as well as  adding the show and playlists, I will also post any great new music I come across, and occasionally add any other musical related thoughts [not too often though eh? Ed].

Links to the shows on Soundcloud, plus some of the other music related things featured here are on the right… over there >>>


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One thought on “A Proper Welcome

  1. Simon says:

    Nice to see a blog area showing the songs on the show! It just adds to the experience, cheers Jim

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