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Of the 1000s of songs I’ve heard this year via Fresh on the Net and elsewhere, the 100 that have been in my monthly Mixtapes have reminded me how much amazing new music is constantly being made by new and emerging artists. To whittle that list down to these 20 tracks was therefore quite a challenge!

It’s an eclectic mix too, with not just alt rock & indie, but also soulful RnB, psychedelic folk, Afro-Latin, art pop, and more, so I hope you enjoy it, and next year do browse the monthly mixtapes and Spotify Evolving Tunes for more impressive new music.


Plastic Mermaids — I Still Like Kelis
Junodream — Nobody Wants You
Abandon Ship – Table For One
Ali Horn – Modern Voodoo
Mosley Bar — Strange Place
Holy Pinto — Adult #1
The Howl & The Hum — Hall of Fame
VC Pines — Vixen
Gizmo Varillas — Saving Grace
The Cheap Thrills — Saint Or Sinner
Bloom de Wilde — Rock, Plant & Animal
Yes We Mystic — Please Bring Me to Safety
I.M the artist – 4 A.M.
The Wired – Better Man
Bamily – No Name, No Number
Green Buzzard – To Be Like You
Little India – Diamonds
Samuel Jack – Perfect
The Extons – No Hope
Blue River – Lucy

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