Alternative Friday

helping to spread the word about impressive new & under the radar musicians

I hate reducing the monthly mixtape longlist down to 10 tracks, as the quality of outstanding music from under-the-radar artists never dips or disappoints. So here’s May’s 10, and it’s another eclectic array, so I hope you enjoy browsing a bit of grunge rock, indie pop, alt-folk, orchestral drum n bass, psych & dream pop… & er, some burning zips!


Plastic Mermaids – I Still Like Kelis
WIVES – Waving Past Nirvana
BirdyHop – This Time
MuGeN – Fool pt. 3
Tokyo Tea Room – Forever Out Of Time
The Upper World – It’s Hard to Operate a Zip When You’re Burning
Lauran Hibberd – Hoochie
Jamie Hamilton — Apocalypse Love Song
Alessandro Ciminata – Kings

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