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There’s no doubt in my mind that 2018 has been another outstanding year for new and emerging musicians, so it was a huge challenge to trim my longlist down to these impressive & eclectic tracks (do browse the monthly mixtapes and Spotify Evolving Tunes during the year for more).

This ‘Best of 2018’ playlist also joins numerous music dots, from alt rock and indie, to urban folk, electronica, drum n bass, jazz funk, blues, and more. Enjoy…


River Purple — Serpentine
Hatchie – Adored
The Howl & The Hum — Murder
Lewis Bootle — Flowers
The Cheap Thrills — Codependence
Phil Simmonds — Drive
Yes We Mystic — Felsenmeer
Giant Party — White Ink
Kemback — Stepping Back
Samuel Jack — Kill All The Lights
Model Society — Public Service
E’spaniel — Talking Shop
Charlie Belle — Essay
Heavy Rapids – Crying Shame
The Expansions – Cannonball
Leslie Lewis-Walker — While You Sleep
CALM – Vivid
Tom Mouse Smith – Born Blind
Kokoroko – Abusey Junction
Red Rum Club – Calexico
Needshes – Time to See
Sarpa Salpa – Smith

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