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Hailing from Cardiff, this indie rock quartet are comprised of (left to right) Mike Griffiths (lead guitar & vocals), Louis Heaps (bass), Joe Williams (rhythm guitar & vocals), and James Goulbourn (drums), and they are making some wonderfully melodic yet energetic ‘garage’ influenced music, full of raucous guitar riffs, furious drumming, & vocals to lose your voice to. Formed in 2015 and signed to Peepshow Records, they released their debut EP Ecstasy last year, but in 2017 they’ve stepped up to a whole new level!


That new level arrived with the release of Thank God I’m Not You, a monster of a track, which we featured in a Showreel post back in May, due in part to the excellent video, and to underscore the success of the track itself, it has recently surged comfortably past a million streams on Spotify!

They’ve now followed it up with Sigh On A Hurricane, which is another wild blast of distorted guitars, powerful drumming, and furious chorus. I can vouch that they’re impressive live too, so do keep tabs on these guys and catch them in a smaller venue while you can, as they won’t remain under the radar for long. Mosh pit mania!


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