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First AND last! Welcome to the first selection of talented Emerging artists for 2017, (but the last in this format) which features four varied artists, however they all display a common theme which includes outstanding and melodic songwriting, first-class vocals, as well as highly polished production. I love ’em all, but do spread the word about your favs…


Albert Man – Riding Shotgun
From his new EP Nothing Of Nothing Much, Riding Shotgun encompases all the joyous warmth that he brought to us in last year’s award winning Cheap Suit album, which was full of wonderful piano led pop tunes with a mixture of both witty and poignant lyrics. The strength of the new EP is also highlighted by the fact that this isn’t even the leading track! To find out more about Albert Man check out the Q&A I did with him last year.
Website | Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube


Mosley Bar – Two Apart
This 4-piece indie rock band from North West England have already appeared here before, in the Oct 15 Mixtape, but they have reached new heights with this latest track, which is a wonderfully catchy indie earworm, full of singalong lyrics, addictive riffs, and strong percussion. Play on repeat and get your air guitar out!
Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook


Lorne – Bread Alone
Turn the lights down before you listen to this exquisite debut from singer-songwriter Lorne, aka London based Nick Liam. Poignant lyrics, smooth vocals & some cinematic piano work all combine with a calm melody to create a quite wonderful song. Flick the lighter on and raise your arm… just don’t set fire to the living room ceiling.
Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube


Pip Hall – Turn Over
This talented singer from Preston has already caught the attention of new music gurus such as Huw Stephens and John Kennedy, and yet she’s only 16! This is due to the winning combination of melodic yet dark instrumentation, and a mature smooth vocal that belies her age. The track is taken from the EP James, which is due for release on 10th March. Stunning.
Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook


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