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It can’t be easy to create a brilliant track, and so it’s surely a double challenge to then add an outstanding and engaging video, which complements the song just perfectly. It does happen of course, and so here are some of the best I’ve come across in 2016, with links to the directors (where possible) below.

Click here to see the playlist in full, or just enjoy them below…

(Legal disclaimer: Alternative Friday do not endorse any adverts shown before the videos, unless they’re actually quite useful)


Tracks & video directors/producers:

The Academic – Mixtape 2003 by Finn Keenan
SOULS – I Go On by JJ Augustavo
Of Empires – Baby Darlin’ Sugar by Josh Fletcher
Coquin Migale – Grindie by Callum Scott-Dyson
Alex Opal – Thin Suzy by Ollie Rillands
Marsicans – Absence by Rianne White
Hippo Campus – Boyish by Jimmy Bloniarz
On Dead Waves – Blue Inside by Lukasz Pytlik

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