Alternative Friday

helping to spread the word about impressive new & under the radar musicians

There’s another wonderfully eclectic array of great new tracks in this month’s mixtape, which covers everything from alternative rock to psychedelic electro pop, and garage to a bit of jazzy blues. This month I’ve also sneaked in the ‘rough mix’ to a more established track – hopefully the ‘final mix’ will be released soon, as it’s outstanding. Anyway, I love all these, but there’ll surely be some new music here to brighten your day, so please spread the love for your favs. Enjoy…


Animali – Who?
Coquin Migale – Grindie
Fling – Magical
Albert Man – Heartbeats
Texxcoco – La Nueva
Rhed Kyte – A Broken Man
In Isolation – Strange Thoughts (I Live Just For You)
Little Dragon – Little Man (Jeremy Sole remix)
The Black Leaders – Take It Easy
Burst Faun – Motorstarter

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