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Four outstanding tracks make up this latest selection of talented Emerging artists, and while the genres vary from rock and indie, to electro and piano pop, they’re all songs that should worm themselves deep into your ears quite quickly. Enjoy, and do spread the love for your favs…


On Dead Waves – Blue Inside
The debut album from this collaboration between James Chapman (Maps) Polly Scattergood comes out on May 20th, and if Blue Inside is anything to go by it will be full of emotional lyrics paired with dream laden electro pop. This may be melancholic, but it’s also magnificent.
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Nice Place – Her Face
Full of hooks, dynamic bass, and with an addictively jangly chorus, this track from London trio Nice Place grows stronger with every listen. Whatever’s wrong with ‘her face’, she should be proud of influencing such a great song.
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Albert Man – Heartbeats
This is a delicious piece of piano led pop from Albert Man, a half-German, half Mancunian singer-songwriter, who’s currently based in London. With a combination of stunning vocals and a joyous melody running right through it, Heartbeats is a real treat, and comes from the album Cheapsuit, to be released on May 23rd.
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Blush – Daggers
Daggers is an energetic three minutes of indie rock from east London 3-piece Blush, and is full of hooks and a catchy chorus that should grab you from the first listen. A rousing and hugely impressive track!
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