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This first selection of Emerging artists for 2016 is another varied selection of outstanding up and coming artists covering a few different genres, and they are all linked by the impressive quality of both their songwriting and musicianship. I love ’em all, but which are your favourites?

The Assist – Love
If you love your alternative dance in a baggy Happy Mondays style then you should fall head over heels for this track from Walsall 4-piece The Assist. It’s full of swagger, and with a funky melodic hook to instantly draw you in too. A rousing and anthemic gem.
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Mellor – Dolly Daydream
For a band whose usual raucous sound is compared to the likes of Miles Kane or The Libertines, Dolly Daydream is a more of a laid back piano ballad, but one which retains a strong melody and stirring chorus, and is the lead track taken from their upcoming “Damage/Joy” EP, out on March 11th. Dolly should be proud.
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[Sorry – track removed from soundcloud]


Fin Henderson – Lady Lately
For a 19-year old, York based singer-songwriter Fin Henderson has a quality that belies his years. Lady Lately is possibly an uncomplicated track, but therein lies its beauty, as it emphasises his impressive vocals and melodic piano led instrumentation. A dazzling achievement.
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[Sorry – track removed from soundcloud]


Wennink – Dissolve
Wennink is the collaboration of London-based singer songwriter Oliver Wennink, and producer Matt Owen, while Dissolve is a wonderfully haunting and ambient electronica track. The smooth vocals and intricate production also combine with a seemingly effortless ease to create something quite beautiful. It’s both exotic and moody!
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