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2015 has been a fantastic year for new and independent artists, so this playlist could have been triple the length! It’s been whittled down to this eclectic mix though, covering everything from indie to folk, pop to hip-hop, and chill out to electro post-punk. Enjoy…

Record/Start – Electric Minds
Tall Ships – Will To Life
Stereopol – The Hitch
Rews – Can You Feel It
Plume of Feathers – First Date
Border Scout – Let’s Pretend We’re Dead
Charlie Belle – Petting Zoo
DMA’S – Feels Like 37
Souls – I Wait For You
Plastique – Quake
True Adventures – North Atlantic Ocean
Zurich – Small Wars
Antix – Come Home
A Billion Lions – Torquay
GirlBoy – Jennifer Lawrence
Dua Lipa – Be The One
Geraint Rhys – Take Your Time
Man & the Echo – Take Your Time
Lear Lake – Shadows
Moth Effect – Otomadrone


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